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Research Team

Ken Seng Tan, Ph.D., ASA, CERA, is Professor of the University of Waterloo (UWaterloo), Canada.

Professor Tan’s research interests lie at the intersection of actuarial science, finance, mathematics, and statistics. Much of his work relates to the development and implementation of innovative approaches to prudent risk management practice, longevity risk modelling, and agricultural insurance.

In 2012, Professor Tan founded the International Agricultural Risk, Finance and Insurance Conference (www.IARFIC.org) that brings together leaders in agriculture, finance, and risk management, across disciplines, and across borders, tackling very important and timely topics in an effort to maintain a strong agricultural sector and improve global food security. By partnering with CIAS of CUFE, WatRISQ of UWaterloo, and the University of Manitoba, the IARFIC was successfully held in cities around the world including Beijing, Vancouver, Zurich, Washington, and Paris.

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